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Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption
POD; Published: 10/5/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3052-4
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264 Pages
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Series: Radical Traditions (RT)

Many theologians contend that liturgical texts and rituals have important implications for our public life together. Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption advances a timely conversation about the place of "religious reasoning" in public discourse by attending to the way the scriptures are liturgically performed in Jewish and Christian communities. It includes diverse examinations of liturgy -- of interest to theologians, philosophers, and clergy -- and brings Jewish and Christian thinkers into conversation, showing parallels in these traditions' liturgical reasoning and opening new possibilities for Jewish-Christian relations.

Scott Bader-Saye
Oliver Davies
Robert Gibbs
Steven Kepnes
Shaul Magid
Peter Ochs
C. C. Pecknold
Ben Quash
Randi Rashkover
Graham Ward
Samuel Wells
David Ford
— University of Cambridge
"These essays unite the intensities of liturgy, philosophy, and politics. They demonstrate a new maturity in Jewish-Christian engagement, allowing both parties to benefit mutually by drawing on each other's riches of scripture, prayer, ethics, and prophetic action in the public realm. The contributors, both younger and older, are outstanding, and they have discovered an immensely stimulating and original way of bringing together liturgy and politics."
David Novak
— University of Toronto
"This book represents the cutting edge of Jewish-Christian dialogue today. Serious and learned theologians, both Jewish and Christian, here reflect on what the liturgies of their respective traditions have to say to a desacralized world. The authors do this in ways that are both parallel and intersective ? i.e., they could not have written these essays if they were not deeply in touch with their respective traditions and also in deep conversation with each other. Randi Rashkover's introduction brilliantly shows the theological-political importance of this whole enterprise by not only introducing these essays but, more important, truly framing the questions they address so astutely."
Michael Signer
— University of Notre Dame
"The moment of public prayer when the God of Israel is acknowledged stands at the heart of Jewish and Christian practice. Yet the most central affirmation of Christian faith ? that Jesus of Nazareth is the messiah of Israel ? has separated church and synagogue since antiquity. The authors of this volume do not compromise their mutually exclusive faith claims as they draw upon postmodern philosophical and theological disciplines to illuminate the longings of the heart for transcendence. Rashkover and Pecknold revive theological discussions in the writings of Franz Rosenzweig, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, and Karl Barth and link them to this distinguished and creative group of Jewish and Christian theologians. This volume should be required reading for theologians, philosophers, and those involved in Jewish-Christian dialogue."
Books and Culture
"Marvelous. . . Each of the essays in Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption repays careful reading, but the volume is more than the sum of its parts. Taken as a whole, the volume suggests that risky, theologically engaged Jewish-Christian conversations may be possible when they emerge from our shared (though also different) practices. "