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Remembering Jesus
Christian Community, Scripture, and the Moral Life
POD; Published: 6/14/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3131-6
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538 Pages
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In the wake of the "What Would Jesus Do?" movement, Allen Verhey's Remembering Jesus takes a serious look at what Jesus really did and what he might do in the strange world of contemporary ethics.

Verhey asserts that following Jesus requires remembering him, and this entails immersing ourselves in Scripture and Christian community, where the memory of Jesus is found. This book, which promises to be Verhy's magnum opus, explores how Christians can practice medical, sexual, economic, and political ethics with integrity.

An ideal text for courses in Christian ethics, Remembering Jesus is also a valuable resource for pastors and general readers in search of readable, biblically based guidance for living in today's complex world.

Academy of Parish Clergy, Top Ten Books of the Year (2003)
"An informative, balanced and mature presentation by a Christian ethicist who knows Scripture and its interpretation very well."
Library Journal
"An immense and profound work of personal and political theology. Verhey's innovative approach to the act of remembering the teaching and opinions of Jesus leads him unpredictably but inexorably through new considerations of moral policy in sexual relations, healthcare, and economic justice. . . [This] work is an astonishing thing: truly new theology. Highly recommended."
Modern Theology
"A major and welcome contribution to the conversation about Christian morals in the church. . . Hands down, the best book combining the church, moral reasoning, and all of Scripture."
The Christian Century
"Verhey places Scripture's story of Jesus at the center of the moral life without reducing theological ethics to story."
Brian K. Blount
"Allen Verhey's book is a refreshing and welcome contribution to the field of New Testament ethics. His premise of founding ethics on a 'remembering of Jesus' offers provocative possibilities for new ways of envisioning ethical discourse. Instead of declaring normative pronouncements about complex issues whose evaluations are radically influenced by the cultural contexts in which they are approached, this book encourages, models, and thereby fosters deliberation and debate. It is a rich resource for any student of New Testament ethics."
Glen Harold Stassen
"At last an elegantly written, scholarly, sensitive, and biblically well-informed Christian ethic from a Reformed perspective that pays specific attention to the way of Jesus Christ rather than bypassing Jesus. I worried that a narrative method opposed to rules might evade concrete guidance, but Verhey tells the narrative with enough attention to specific social context that concrete guidance does emerge. Although I understand John H. Yoder differently, I commend Remembering Jesus for its elegance, its informativeness, and its commitment to Jesus the storyteller as Lord over all of life."
The Bible Today
"This is a very thoughtful contribution to New Testament ethics that takes a refreshing approach to a complex topic. Verhey . . . provides a rich and profound reflection on a biblically centered approach to ethical choices summed up in the popular phrase, 'What would Jesus do?' . . . Catholic ethics gives greater stress to Church teaching and the use of reason, but Catholics, too, can find solid wisdom in Verhey's reverent and profoundly pastoral approach to ethical dilemmas."
Paul Jersild
"In a wide-ranging consideration of medical, sexual, economic, and political ethics in light of Scripture, Verhey here confirms what we have come to expect from him — an intimate knowledge of the Bible and the capacity to convey its message in ways that are deeply edifying. As both a biblical theologian and an ethicist, he provides in this work a trustworthy model for understanding the role of Scripture in the life of a responsible church."