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Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places Study Guide
POD; Published: 3/9/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3235-1
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85 Pages
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The foundational book in Eugene Peterson's monumental five-volume work on spiritual theology, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places reminds us that spiritual theology must be about God and not about us. It reunites spirituality and theology in a cultural context where these two vital facets of Christian faith have been torn apart. What better way to continue that conversation than through an intensive study with other readers?

This helpful study guide is designed to enable small groups in schools or churches -- or even individuals -- to delve deeper into the timely wisdom of Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. Peterson's discussion is here broken up into fourteen "sessions," each of which contains a summary, key terms, quotations to consider, and questions for interaction, ending with suggestions for prayer.

Christian Scholar's Review
“Peterson’s work not only fuels a hunch; it raises a question. He habitually counters spiritual reductionisms—Gnosticism, moralism, sectarianism—by calling his readers to historic Christian practices, such as Sabbath-keeping or hospitality.”
M. Craig Barnes
— author of Sacred Thirst
"Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is the pivotal work on spiritual theology we have been waiting for. Eugene Peterson allows classical theology to make its own claims for contemporary spirituality. His particular genius is to reveal these insights by peering beneath the surface to speak of deeper, eternal truths for the soul as well as the mind."