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The Way of the Lord
Essays in Old Testament Theology
POD; Published: 2/1/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3272-6
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The Way of the Lord contains twenty-one of respected biblical scholar Patrick Miller's best essays on Old Testament theology. In this work Miller focuses on the Commandments and the Psalms but also discusses what other parts of the Old Testament have to say to our theology today.

In the first section Miller portrays the rich complexities of the Ten Commandments and asserts that aspects of them appear in expanded form throughout Scripture. His second section shifts to the Psalms, revealing them to be as much a book of theology as a book of poetry and song, pointing to a way of faith and life. The final section expands to consider more wide-ranging topics on theology and anthropology, contemplating the character of God and the nature of human beings.

Brevard S. Childs
— Yale University
"The republication of some of Patrick Miller's very best articles is very welcome indeed. His reflections on the Old Testament Commandments are carefully balanced with his well-known interest in the Psalms. His final section on Old Testament theology, although more controversial, shows his sustained wrestling with the application of Scripture by the church in today's world."
Ellen Davis
— Duke University
"One of the very finest of contemporary exegetes, Miller writes on topics and texts of clear relevance to the church and our public life. Pastors, preachers, biblical scholars, and theologians will all be instructed by the wisdom and humility with which he approaches the most pressing and difficult questions of biblical interpretation."
Robin Gallaher Branch
— in Review of Biblical Literature
"Miller's work — always outstanding, always reasoned, always well written — leaves a reader grateful for the chance to be walked through the richness of topics in the biblical text by one who has so profoundly shaped biblical scholarship for decades."