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The Content and the Setting of the Gospel Tradition
POD; Published: 10/21/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3318-1
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480 Pages
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Bringing together the internationally recognized excellence of Macquarie University faculty -- renowned for their knowledge of the New Testament's Greco-Roman background -- and the theological expertise of scholars affiliated with the Australian College of Theology, this book provides a major, integrated, and distinctively Australian contribution to the study of the content and setting of the New Testament Gospels.

Seventeen scholars here delve into the archaeology, the manuscripts, and the political, social, and religious context of the Gospels, as well as their place and use in the early churches. Even more, however, they offer in-depth, in-context examinations of Jesus' life and ministry as recounted in the G o s p e l s . < b r >
  • Evelyn Ashley
  • Scott D. Charlesworth
  • Johan Ferreira
  • Chris Forbes
  • Greg W. Forbes
  • Mark Harding
  • Timothy J. Harris
  • James R. Harrison
  • Theresa Yu Chui Siang Lau
  • Erica A. Mathieson
  • Robert K. McIver
  • Alanna Nobbs
  • Brian Powell
  • Van Shore
  • Ian K. Smith
  • Murray J. Smith
  • Stephen Voorwinde

Journal of Theological Studies
"This all-Australian production is an impressive monument to the standard of learning, especially classical learning, at Macquarie University and the other universities at which the authors teach. . . . A useful and comprehensive introduction to gospel study. Undergraduates will not find it easy, though some chapters are more challenging than others, but with sympathetic guidance will emerge from it with plenty of relevant questions and even a few answers."