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A Short History of Christianity
POD; Published: 6/9/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3382-2
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256 Pages
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Worshiped by 2 billion Christians worldwide, Jesus Christ is arguably the most famous human being ever. Yet grasping the vast story of his followers over the last 2,000 years can be a dizzying, difficult task.

In A Short History of Christianity Stephen Tomkins takes readers on an entertaining and enlightening journey through the key stages of Christian development, covering the people, the events, the movements, and the controversies of the church. Tomkins deals with the well-known (Augustine, Martin Luther), the unique (Simeon Stylites, the people's crusade, the Muggletonians), and the recent (Karl Barth, John Paul II, the Toronto blessing). His penetrating, energetic Short History of Christianity is sure to delight and inform a broad range of readers.

Christian Marketplace (UK)
"Accessible, easily dipped into chapter-by-chapter and guaranteed to give greater insight to our faith. A recommended read for all."
Aspiring Retail
"A wild ride full of bumps, sudden drops, sharp curves, and a colorful cast of characters. Yet as entertaining as A Short History of Christianity is, its strength is in its message. . . Well written and very worthwhile."
Publishers Weekly
"Tomkins's portrait of the development of Christianity certainly lives up to its title. . . Everyone who is anyone in Christianity is here: Jesus, Paul, Constantine, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Joseph Smith and Pope Benedict XVI, among others."
Terry Jones
— Star and cowriter of Monty Python
"The sort of book I wish I'd read fifty years ago. Stephen Tomkins provides a context for so much of Western history over the last two millennia. His book explains a lot."
J. I. Packer
— Regent College
"Learned, lively journalist Tomkins, who could not write a dull sentence if he tried, here capsules the global Christian story into a brilliant page-turner that keeps you reading for hours at a time. It is all brisk and clear, all well digested, all thoroughly serious, and all great fun."