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The Gospel according to Luke
James R. Edwards
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HARDCOVER; Published: 5/1/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3735-6
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859 Pages
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Series: The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC)

In keeping with the Pillar New Testament Commentary's distinctive character, this volume by James R. Edwards on Luke gives special attention to the Third Gospel's vocabulary and historical setting, its narrative purpose and unique themes, and its theological significance for the church and believers today.

Though Luke is often thought to have a primarily Gentile focus, Edwards counterbalances that perspective by citing numerous evidences of Luke's overarching interest in depicting Jesus as the fulfillment of God's providential work in the history of Israel, and he even considers the possibility that Luke himself was a Jew. In several excursuses Edwards discusses particular topics, including Luke's infancy narratives, the mission of Jesus as the way of salvation, and Luke's depiction of the universal scope of the gospel.

While fully conversant with all the latest scholarship, Edwards writes in a lively, fluent style that will commend this commentary to ministers, students, scholars, and many other serious Bible readers.

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"This commentary overall repays careful study and offers a wealth of insight for scholars and ministers seeking to mine the riches of Luke’s Gospel."
Michael F. Bird
— Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia
"Edwards deftly leads readers through the historical context, narrative dynamics, and main themes of Luke's story of Jesus with clear and insightful commentary. This is a useful book for preachers, teachers, and students hoping to delve deeper into the Gospel of Luke."
Donald A. Hagner
— Fuller Theological Seminary
"This is a first-rate commentary, written by a seasoned New Testament exegete, reflecting the wisdom and insight we have come to expect from its author. It is built on a foundation of excellent scholarship and in dialogue with the best secondary literature; its approach to the text is reverent and edifying. . . . Immensely rewarding."
"This commentary offers the reader of Luke's Gospel valuable knowledge that can facilitate a deeper understanding of Jesus."
The Church of England Newspaper
"This new commentary on Luke lives up to the highest standards of the series and will be a real aid to serious students of scripture."
The Bible Today
"A trustworthy exposition of Luke's Gospel. . . . Edwards's commentary keeps up a dialogue with relevant contemporary scholarship and weaves theological and pastoral leads into his commentary on Luke's text."
"Allows the student and the pastor to enter into the Lukan narrative which is, after all, the story of our 'Savior who is Christ the Lord.'"