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The Letter to the Philippians
HARDCOVER; Published: 10/5/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3737-0
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396 Pages
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Series: The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC)

In this commentary G. Walter Hansen offers rich exposition of the text of Philippians as well as wisdom and maturity in its application. In so doing he emphasizes partnership--the social and corporate dimensions of community--in the progress of the gospel.

After a select bibliography, Hansen's introduction sets forth the historical setting of the church in Philippi, the nature and occasion of the letter, and a preview of two key themes--the gospel of Christ and the community in Christ. The commentary itself discusses Philippians in light of these themes, considering Paul's greetings, reports of gospel ministry, imperatives for citizens worthy of the gospel, recommendations of two Christ-like servants, and disclosures of his personal experience. Hansen's treatment as a whole is distinctive for the way it draws out and highlights the themes of partnership, citizenship, and friendship in Paul's Philippian letter.

"With themes and emotions so varied, the letter to the Philippians needs a commentator with a sure grasp and a warm heart. . . . Hansen writes with admirable clarity and simplicity, even when he is unpacking notoriously complex matters."
-- D. A. Carson (from the preface)
Donald A. Hagner
— Fuller Theological Seminary
"Walter Hansen, representing that rare combination of a first-rate scholar and a pastor with years of experience in the church, writes the kind of commentary one might expect — devoted to solid, informed exegesis with an emphasis on the present application of the text. Its exceptional clarity, depth, and theological richness make this an outstanding commentary that will be of real help to every student of Philippians."
Richard Longenecker
— Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada
"Here is a significant commentary on Paul's letter to the Philippians that is suitable not only for scholars but also for ministers, laypeople, and students. It is theologically sound, critically balanced, exegetically perceptive, pastorally relevant, and ethically focused. It needs to be read, closely studied, and — more importantly — allowed by God's Spirit to reorganize our thinking and restructure our living. . . Erudite, challenging, and a good read!"