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Beginning from Jerusalem
Christianity in the Making, Volume 2
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/16/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3932-9
Price: $ 80.00
1370 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6.25 x 9.25

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Beginning from Jerusalem covers the early formation of the Christian faith from 30 to 70 C.E. After outlining the quest for the historical church (parallel to the quest for the historical Jesus) and reviewing the sources, James Dunn follows the course of the movement stemming from Jesus “beginning from Jerusalem.”

He opens with a close analysis of what can be said of the earliest Jerusalem community, the Hellenists, the mission of Peter, and the emergence of Paul. Then Dunn focuses solely on Paul -- the chronology of his life and mission, his understanding of his call as apostle, and the character of the churches that he founded. The third part traces the final days and literary legacies of the three principal figures of first-generation Christianity: Paul, Peter, and James the brother of Jesus. Each section includes detailed interaction with the vast wealth of secondary literature on the many subjects covered.
Dale C. Allison Jr.
— Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
"Mastery of the primary and secondary sources, creativity balanced by sound judgment, and breadth of treatment based upon thorough attention to the details: this is what we have come to expect from James Dunn, and this is what we have in this book. A magnificent review and evaluation of all the major critical issues regarding the first forty years of the Christian religion."
Larry W. Hurtado
— University of Edinburgh
"This mega-study of earliest Christianity combines panoramic scope, attention to specific issues and relevant evidence, familiarity with current scholarship, and a readable style. The vigorous but cordial treatment of disputed matters will not always convince but is invariably stimulating. One can only admire the bold breadth of coverage. This is vintage Dunn, a harvest of his scholarly career."
David P. Moessner
—University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and University of Pretoria
"James Dunn's Beginning from Jerusalem is a teacher's dream come true. In this sequel volume to Jesus Remembered, Dunn steers his readers through a whirlwind of beginnings in the most formative period of Christianity, 30-70 ce, visiting both New Testament scenes and significant Greco-Roman sites that bring those texts to life. But unlike the usual broad-brush approach to Christianity's origins, Dunn probes into the heartthrob of these texts such that his readers experience the historical surprises and existential mysteries of this emerging `faith' as it pulsates from within Judaism and courses out into the Gentile world. . . . Combining both Dunn's enormous learning and his original insights, this very readable volume will quickly become the preferred textbook of university and seminary classes alike."