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The Strange New Word of the Gospel
Re-Evangelizing in the Postmodern World
POD; Published: 6/28/2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3947-3
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184 Pages
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In today's postmodern culture many people are turning to religion, but they are not necessarily finding their way back to the church. Most unbelievers in America and other Western countries are "post-Christians." Though baptized and brought up in a church, they no longer believe and practice the Christian faith. In such a time, the great challenge facing the church is re- evangelization.

This volume provides serious theological reflection on Christian missions within postmodern, post-Christian culture. Written by respected scholars representing the Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions, these chapters point out elements of the gospel that will help the church speak effectively to contemporary society, particularly in the United States.

Suggesting startling approaches to Christian proclamation, this volume shows how "the strange new word" of the gospel can reawaken faith in the postmodern world.

Contributors:John Milbank
Robert W. Jenson
David L. Schindler
R. R. Reno
Philip Turner
Anthony Ugolnik
Todd E. Johnson
Frank C. Senn
Carl E. Braaten