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The Practice of Godliness
POD; Published: 1/30/1948
ISBN: 978-0-8028-3951-0
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124 Pages
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Abraham Kuyper, the great Dutch religious and political leader of the turn of the century, was a many-sided genius. He was known throughout the world as a distinguished preacher, editor, and author of many books. For decades he was the leader of the Christian political party in the Netherlands and for a time served as the country's Prime Minister. He was the founder of the Free University of Amsterdam, and his almost superhuman energy evidenced itself in almost every field of human endeavor.

As John Hendrik De Vries, who has translated many of Kuyper's works, says: "The more one acquaints himself with the vast scope of the varied labors of this man, the more deeply one becomes impressed with the significance of the devotional, mystical output of his pen. Profound theological learning, great statesmanship, and extraordinary intellectual acumen along any line are not thought as a rule to be compatible with childlike simplicity of faith, mystical insight, and sweetness of soul. But Kuyper's meditations disprove the idea that a profound theologian cannot be a warm-hearted Christian."

The Practice of Godliness is one of Dr. Kuyper's finest works. It is filled with insight into the character of the mystical union of Christ and the believer.