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The One Who Is to Come
POD; Published: 4/26/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4013-4
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221 Pages
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"Messiah" is one of the most contested terms in Christian reflection, with many people reading the concept back into early Old Testament texts. In The One Who Is to Come Joseph Fitzmyer contradicts that misreading, carefully tracing the emergence of messianism in Judaism to a much later date -- the second century B.C.

The One Who Is to Come begins with a linguistic discussion of the term "messiah," then demonstrates the gradual emergence of the idea of a future, dynasty-continuing David, before finally examining the "anointed one" language in the latest biblical text, Daniel 9. It also examines the use of the term in the Septuagint and extrabiblical Jewish writings, as well as the New Testament, Targums, and the Mishnah. Fitzmyer's masterful study presents a novel, biblical thesis that will appeal to scholars, students, and all who wish to investigate the complex history of messianism.

Catholic Press Association, Third Place, Scripture (2008)
Karl P. Donfried
— Pontifical Biblical Institute, Smith College
"Vintage Fitzmyer — corrective, comprehensive, and compelling. Surely The One Who Is to Come will become the benchmark for all further discussion of the concept of 'Messiah' in both Judaism and Christianity."
Frank J. Matera
— Catholic University of America
"This magisterial work is destined to become the standard in the field for years to come. With impeccable scholarship, Joseph Fitzmyer examines the use of 'Messiah' in Jewish and Christian literature, clarifying the development of messianism in early Christianity and Judaism — a topic often misunderstood and misrepresented. Christians and Jews are indebted to Fitzmyer for elucidating a concept that has often divided them. After reading this work, scholars will reevaluate many cherished assumptions."
John Reuman
— Luthern Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
"'Messiah' has often been glibly used, especially by Christians. Echoing, updating, and correcting Sigmund Mowinckel's He That Cometh, Fitzmyer's The One Who Is to Come examines all pertinent passages in the Old Testament and Jewish sources on the origin and development of 'Messiah.' . . .Clarity commends it to general readers, detail to scholars."
"Once can only stand in awe at the learning displayed in this work and be grateful for its addition to the author's already immense legacy to biblical scholarship."
"The combination of survey and argument in this succinct book makes it a seminal contribution to NT exegesis and theology."
"A magisterial study. . . by a premier biblical scholar of our time. . . A scholarly book by a scholar's scholar."