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The Church between Gospel and Culture
The Emerging Mission in North America
POD; Published: 3/1/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4109-4
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This excellent collection of essays, written by a diverse group of Christian leaders working on the frontier of mission within the present North American context, lays the groundwork for the newly emerging missionary encounter of the gospel with North American culture.

Demonstrating that the missionary identity of the church is to be found at the intersection of culture-gospel-church, these essays outline the missionary agenda now before the church as it confronts North American assumptions, perspectives, preferences, and practices.

James V. Brownson
Inagrace Dietterich
William A. Dyrness
Douglas John Hall
John R. Hendrick
Paul G. Hiebert
George R. Hunsberger
E. Dixon Junkin
Christopher B. Kaiser
Alan J. Rozburgh
Paul Russ Satari
David Scotchmer
Wilbert R. Shenk
Craig Van Gelder
David Lowes Watson
Charles C. West
Stephan Bevans
—Catholic Theological Union
"The authors of these essays point to the importance of culture in shaping church ministry and interpreting the gospel; more significantly, however, they point to the danger of culture for the church if it is not constantly critiqued by the gospel. This book is a significant contribution to the construction of a contextual theology in North America. Its message needs to be taken seriously by our churches, for its message may very well be the vision that can guide us as we enter a new century and a new millennium."