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The Apostle Paul
His Life, Thought, and Letters
POD; Published: 9/17/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4114-8
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487 Pages
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In this comprehensive introduction to the apostle Paul, Stanley Porter devotes serious consideration both to the background and major contours of Paul's thought and to the unique contributions of each of his letters.

Porter begins by introducing the Pauline tradition and outlining the basics of Paul's life, the chronology of his ministry, and his several imprisonments. Porter then discusses the background to Paul's thought, examines some of the major themes of his writings, and treats issues concerning the Pauline epistles, such as pseudonymity and canon.

Finally, Porter delves into all thirteen of Paul's letters individually, placing them within their historical contexts and examining critical issues relating to the content and interpretation of each letter. The result is a thorough, balanced treatment of one of the most important figures in Christianity.
Mark A. Seifrid
—Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
"This volume is a remarkable synthesis of Stanley Porter's extensive work on the background, setting, and content of Paul's letters. Making it clear that historical investigation still counts, Porter addresses a whole array of debates on Paul and his letters with careful and measured judgments. Here is an in-depth introduction to Paul from which both a beginning student and an advanced scholar can profit."
Craig S. Keener
—Asbury Theological Seminary
"In this well-organized and accessibly written book, noted Pauline scholar Stanley Porter surveys both Paul's letters and traditional introductory questions surrounding them. Although Porter is as brilliantly independent as usual and many of his own conclusions are traditional, he presents fairly the arguments for various positions, enabling critical readers to reach their own conclusions."
Thomas R. Schreiner
—Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Stan Porter's work on Paul and his letters represents scholarship at its best. Porter assesses the evidence independently and from a fresh perspective. . . . A tremendous resource for scholars, teachers, pastors, and students."
Craig A. Evans
—Houston Baptist University
"This book showcases Porter's ability to integrate history and interpretation. A very satisfying study of Paul's ministry and letters, this learned work will become a standard in the field of Pauline studies."
H. H. Drake Williams III in Review of Biblical Literature
"An ideal guide for study of the apostle Paul. The combination of addressing life, thought, and letters allows the student to consider each area that has contributed to one of the most significant figures in Christian history. Porter’s book reads easily for those at a master’s level, but it also can be used for undergraduate students. It is a fitting introduction to Paul and would serve as a good textbook. . . . This will be a standard work in Pauline studies for many years to come."