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The Faith of the Christian Church
An Introduction to Theology
POD; Published: 4/13/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4151-3
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402 Pages
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Tyron Inbody has taught the basics of Christian theology for more than twenty-five years. Having seen over the years what issues and questions his students bring to class, he now offers this engaging, accessible introduction to all the major beliefs of the Christian faith.

Meant especially but not exclusively for readers new to theology, Inbody's Faith of the Christian Church covers twelve traditional areas of Christian teaching: theology, revelation, faith, God, creation, suffering and evil, humankind, Jesus Christ, salvation, church, sacraments, and the end times. Inbody also dives into provocative topics not usually treated in introductory texts -- creationism, the devil, miracles, the virgin birth, and more.

The book's broad-ranging perspective, which intentionally defies labels, commends it to individuals and small groups from many church traditions. Quote boxes and illustrations drawn from popular culture make the text visually interesting and enjoyable to read.

Inbody does not hide his own stance on issues but presents a full range of interpretations and openly points readers to other possibilities they can pursue. The Faith of the Christian Church offers just enough questions to provoke reflection and just enough answers to encourage readers to form their own grasp on the Christian faith.

Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Students frequently arrive at seminary with deep faith commitments but often with a alack of knowledge of the Christian tradition and theology. Inbody's succinct survey of theology goes a long way in providing students with the background knowledge necessary to engage in theological reflections."
International Journal of Systematic Theology
"As a first introduction to a wide range of topics, something to provide students with a framework . . . , it is a very good little book. I will certainly be recommending it to students new to the study of theology."
John B. Cobb Jr.
"This book can be recommended to a broad range of readers. Requiring very little previous acquaintance with Christian thought or the intellectual history of the West, it formulates Christian teaching in an attractive and convincing fashion in terms that are acceptable to a wide variety of believers."
Thomas Jay Oord
"Too many introductory theology texts are one-dimensional. . . In contrast, Tyron Inbody offers a multidimensional text that covers the major theological issues of today and yesterday. He converses with contemporary culture and the contemporary church, with the mind and the heart, with the ancient and the postmodern. And his writing is understandable. This text explores a variety of traditions and ideas, yet it retains a richness and depth that will satisfy those who want to do more than scratch the surface of life's biggest questions."
Clark H. Pinnock
"This is a theology text written with actual students in mind. Treating matters fundamental to life, the book is both accessible and substantial. An attractive introductory text."