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Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament
POD; Published: 10/8/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4169-8
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Discipleship is a subject that lies at the heart of Christian thought, life, and ministry. For centuries it has been a way of thinking and speaking about the nature of the Christian life. But what is actually meant by the notion of "Christian discipleship"? In Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament thirteen first-class scholars examine what the New Testament writings say about the subject of discipleship, highlight the features of both unity and diversity that appear throughout the New Testament, and suggest, in a very readable style, how Christian discipleship can be expressed today in ways that honor both the oneness of the gospel and a legitimate variety of lifestyles.
Reformed Review
"Readers . . . who are struggling to define and implement strategies for discipleship in the churches will find this volume helpful and provoking as a pretext and foundation for their work. As to the readability, the authors have hit their intended mark in most cases, creating a collection of accessible and intelligent essays for the layperson and clergyperson alike."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"A thorough study of the many facets of discipleship in the New Testament, written for scholars and church leaders alike."
Calvin Theological Journal
"For preachers, there are many sermon ideas embedded in this excellent book. For theologians and professors, this is a highly readable popularization of all the main ideas about discipleship circulating in responsible arenas at the present time."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"A useful collection of articles on discipleship."
Reformed Theological Review (Australia)
"This is a worthwhile collection of essays, providing the necessary building-blocks for the construction of the New Testament portrait of those who respond to the gospel of Jesus. Each essay could be fruitfully read before preaching upon the section of the New Testament under its purview."
Religious Studies Review
"This collection will help the intended audience of laypeople, students, and ministers to appreciate the diversity of NT teachings on discipleship and to use these insights to live fuller Christian lives themselves."
Scripture Bulletin (U.K.)
"In general, this book can provide the committed Christian with material prayer, the pastor with the possibility of composing interesting, informed and balanced homilies and the undergraduate with an introduction to different approaches to the text. Above all it encourages a close attentive reading of the inspired word of God which in turn challenged the meaning of what one is living."
The Bible Today
"A fine collection of essays on discipleship that offers a comprehensive treatment of the New Testament materials, spanning the Gospels, Acts, Paul's letters, and other New Testament writings. . . In each instance the essays engage the text, are sensitive to the overall framework of the particular New Testament book, and interact with current scholarly literature. Overall this volume provides the reader with a sound and theologically rich treatment."
The Expository Times
"Thirteen scholars . . . discuss the varied concepts of discipleship in the New Testament and seek to draw out some simple applications to modern Christian life. The chapters are well-organized, well-documented and balanced. . . Useful to students, clergy and others wishing to study, or preach on, discipleship."