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The One Purpose of God
An Answer to the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment
POD; Published: 3/4/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4186-5
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303 Pages
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Throughout the centuries the church has taught that the vast majority of humankind will suffer eternal punishment. But is this teaching truly biblical? In this provocative book Jan Bonda scrutinizes church tradition and Scripture — especially Paul's letter to the Romans — and concludes that neither Paul nor the prophets to whom he appeals show any trace of supporting the doctrine of eternal damnation. On the contrary, they tell us that God wants to save all people and that he will not rest until that goal has been achieved.
Isaac C. Rottenberb in Perspectives
"A remarkable book in several respects. It can be described as a scholarly work in that it incorporates an impressive body of exegetical and historical materials, but it is also a pastoral book written in a style that makes it accessible to laypeople. . . . It should be of interest to the growing number of Christians involved in 'Israel theology' as well as to those who have never been wholly convinced about the doctrine of eternal damnation."
Michael Bauman
—Hillsdale College
"What Charles Chauncy did for Romans 5 more than 200 years ago, Bonda's volume does for the entire epistle. If Bonda is correct, the Good News is very good indeed — better even than we ever dared to hope. In light of his formidable effort, the exegetical and theological ball is now clearly in the court of the traditionalists."
John Hick
—Claremont Graduate School
"The traditional doctrine of eternal punishment shatters the Christian conception of a limitlessly loving God. Many of us have rejected the doctrine for that reason. Now Bonda shows that the biblical basis of the idea of eternal hell is open to very serious doubt. This book will come as a relief to many."
John Sanders
—Oak Hills Bible College
"Bonda has written an extremely clear and accessible response to the Reformed tradition's rejection of universal salvation. Rather than putting forth speculative arguments, he marshals his case from Scripture — especially from Romans — claiming that the church has misunderstood certain texts. Easily the most biblically grounded case for universalism to appear in quite some time."