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The Road from Damascus
The Impact of Paul's Conversion on His Life, Thought, and Ministry
POD; Published: 6/25/1997
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4191-9
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268 Pages
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Conversion is intrinsic to the Christian religion. The most remarkable conversion recorded in the New Testament is that of Paul, and most Christians consider Christ's encounter with Paul to be a prototype of Christian conversion generally.

This collection of eleven essays gives Paul's conversion a firmer rootage in the biblical materials while also emphasizing personal application. The contributors examine the nature of Paul's Damascus Road experience and the impact of that experience on his thought and ministry, and explore how Paul's experience functions as a paradigm for Christian thought and action today.

Contributors: Bruce Corley, Terence L. Donaldson, James D. G. Dunn, Gordon D. Fee, Judith M. Gundry-Volf, G. Walter Hansen, Seyoon Kim, Bruce W. Longenecker, Richard N. Longenecker, I. Howard Marshall, Stephen Westerholm.