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Conversion in the New Testament
Paul and the Twelve
Richard V Peace
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POD; Published: 11/6/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4235-0
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413 Pages
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In order to be effective in evangelism, one must clearly understand the dynamics of conversion. Richard Peace here examines two very different conversion experiences in the New Testament — Paul's and the twelve disciples' — and explores their implications for contemporary evangelism.

The unique feature of this book is Peace's carefully argued proposal that Mark structures his Gospel around the unfolding conversion of the Twelve. By showing how conversion can take place either suddenly or gradually over time, Peace gives good reasons, and suggests practical ways, to replace one-sided evangelism techniques with more holistic methods.
Church Times (U.K.)
"Peace's book is a valuable reminder of the essential variety of Christian experience which is found in the New Testament, and should prevent us from making superficial judgements about the 'right' way to evangelise."
Clergy Journal
"This book is an excellent study of biblical themes that converge on conversion. The bibliography is also excellent. For those interested in how the Bible can again become relevant to the contemporary church or those who want to add real depth to the church growth movement, this book is well worth the time and energy spent on it."
"This book combines insights from the fields of New Testament studies and practical theology to produce an understanding of Christian conversion that is both exegetically illuminating and ecclesiastically useful."
CBA Marketplace
"This robust theology warrants careful consideration because understanding of conversion governs evangelism practices. The book concludes with helpful insights on how this approach to conversion can assist in evangelizing a cynical, post-Christian society. This study is critically needed in a church jaded with the 'selling Jesus' evangelistic paradigm."
Gabriel Fackre
— Andover Newton Theological School
"A landmark work in the study of conversion. With the tools of scholarship and as a seasoned practitioner, Peace explores the New Testament understanding of the turning points of conversion. . . . Our contemporary efforts in evangelism have much to learn from this full-orbed view of conversion."
David Lowes Watson
— Wesley Theological Seminary
"The definitive study that the field of evangelism has long needed. . . . This detailed and sensitive volume could well be the catalyst for new models of evangelism in countless congregations wearied by the jaded techniques of religious consumerism."