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Just Say the Word!
Writing for the Ear
POD; Published: 8/16/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4262-6
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205 Pages
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"Over the years, I've heard some wonderful sermons," writes G. Robert Jacks. "I've also heard some duds. Some have been so extemporaneous they sounded as if the preacher hadn't prepared anything. Some have been such wondrously crafted literary pieces they sounded as if the preacher wanted to sound wondrously crafted and literary. Some have sounded as though the preacher were giving a lecture or reading a term paper. That's because the preacher had written a lecture or term paper. And some have captured the attention and the imagination and set the spark to ignite faith in the hearer. That's because they were written to be listened to, and to appeal to the sense-world of the hearers."

Drawing on nearly thirty years of experience in critiquing sermon delivery, Jacks here offers a practical, hands-on approach to writing sermons that consider listeners first. Jacks gives samples and examples of writing that effectively captures and holds an audience's attention, and he offers practical tips and suggestions intended to help each of us find a preaching style and voice of our own. He also shows how to translate the jargon of theological textbooks into everyday language, suggests methods for rewriting sermons to avoid some of the pomposity of sermonic proclamation, and demonstrates ways to retell biblical narratives in fresh and imaginative ways.

Just Say the Word! Writing for the Ear is a valuable resource that will help pastors and lay leaders communicate as effectively as possible the faith that is ours to share.
Modern Liturgy
"Jacks, throughout his book, is profoundly reverent and playfully irreverent. Homily professors and all who have to 'say the Word' will profit from this book."
Sharing the Practice
"Here is a book suited for both the new and seasoned preacher. . . Jacks' experience as a preacher, dramatist, and long time teacher of preaching lends credibility to this book. . . To sharpen up your preaching, stimulate your proclamation, and get the juices of your imagination flowing, this book will serve you well and will give you a rich return on your investment!"