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Subversive Spirituality
POD; Published: 6/27/1997
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4297-8
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273 Pages
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Subversive Spirituality is a gathering together of articles written by Eugene Peterson over the past twenty-five years. Made up of occasional pieces, short biblical studies, poetry, pastoral readings and interviews, this book reflects on the overlooked facets of the spiritual life. Peterson captures the epiphanies of life with the pleasing pastoral style and inspiring depth of insight for which he is well known.

Peterson describes his book this way: "The gathering of articles and essays, poems and conversations, is a kind of kitchen midden of my noticings of the obvious in the course of living out the Christian life in the vocational context of pastor, writer, and professor. The randomness and repetitions and false starts are rough edges that I am leaving as is in the interests of honesty. Spirituality is not, by and large, smooth. I do hope, however, that they will be found to be 'freshly phrased.'"

"A quiet, unassuming man, Peterson defies the typical definition of pastor and teacher. He is indeed subversive, quietly feeding his flock what they really need, not what they think they want. This book continues in that tradition. Along the way readers will be blessed with profound writing, and definitions of what it truly means to live an examined, Christ-like life."
Clergy Journal
"Peterson's writing displays a pastor's heart and an intellectual's mind. . . This is a lively and deeply thoughtful book. The topics are widely divergent, but all focus on the ministry and how our contemporary society can understand the gospel. Never far from biblical texts and images, this book is creative in its understanding and presentation of the gospel. Any pastor would be well served to spend time with this excellent introduction to Peterson's theology and its application to the modern world."
Presbyterians Today
"A wonderfully refreshing collection of essays, articles, addresses, poetry, and conversations with one of the great Presbyterian pastors of our day . . . The author's soul shines through each of these forms with clarity and consistency."
Living Church
"One word describes Eugene Peterson's Subversive Spirituality: rich. . . Overall, the work is steeped with pastoral insight and wisdom, and the style is fluid and literary. . . Perhaps Subversive Spirituality will serve as a reformation call to contemporary Christianity."