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Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period
POD; Published: 3/30/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4301-2
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280 Pages
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The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi texts, and new Targums has greatly increased scholarly interest in the relationship between the New Testament and first -century Judaism. This critically acclaimed study by Richard Longenecker sheds light on this relationship by exploring the methods the earliest Christians used to interpret the Old Testament. By comparing the first Christian writings with Jewish documents from the same period, Longenecker helps to discern both the key differences between Christianity and Judaism and the Judaic roots of the Christian faith.

This revised edition of Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period brings Longenecker's valued work up to date with current research in this important field of study.
Currents in Theology and Mission
"A useful, stimulating survey, with a large bibliography, updated in the 29-page introduction. After he describes the issues raised in the last 29 years, he discusses early Jewish interpretation of the Old Testament and the use of the OT by Jesus, early Christian proclamation, Paul, the evangelists, Hebrews, Jewish Christian tractates (James through Revelation), concluding with synthetic statements of themes and methods running through early Christian exegesis of the OT. It's a useful summation of a generation of research."
"This second edition of an original work which appeared in 1975 includes a new 41 page preface, dealing with a variety of issues which have been raised since the first edition. The body of the text explores how the earliest Christians used the OT, an important theme for all Christian students concerned with understanding and applying the biblical witness. There are implications here for exegesis, hermeneutics, ethics, ecclesiology, and so on. An important re-issue. If you missed it the first time, get it this time around."