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The Doctrine of Revelation
A Narrative Interpretation
POD; Published: 4/2/1997
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4336-4
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244 Pages
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Revelation is the study of how, when, and where God reveals himself and of what is disclosed. This book, the first volume in the Edinburgh Studies in Constructive Theology series, is an excellent introduction to revelation that brings its subject into the theological inquiry of the next century.

In discussing the major themes of the narrative of revelation, Gabriel Fackre provides an overview of the traditional models of revelation, introducing readers the work of such twentieth- century giants as Barth, Tillich, Rahner, and Henry. He also provides a dialogue with other formative figures, such as Pannenberg, Dulles, Berkouwer, Torrance, and Lindbeck.

By focusing on Scripture, while also making reference to the core secondary literature, Fackre leads readers through the key concepts involved in the construction of a biblically centered doctrine of revelation.
Anglican Theological Review
"Fackre's book remains true to its series' stated purpose of returning to the themes of systematic theology, and engages a wide variety of previous theological work in its effort to pursue a narrative approach to similar questions. As the author himself states in his conclusion, his work is richly 'suggestive, but not exhaustive."
Religious Studies Review
"This volume is well researched, creatively developed, and elegantly written."
Currents in Theology & Mission
"This book should be appreciated by all as an introduction to one of the foundations of theology. A parish pastor would be helped through its focus on 'the Grand Narrative' in Scripture, for in preaching weekly on the pericopes, pastors sometimes do lose the big picture. Students in theology should find helpful the reclaiming of the grand tradition of theology in the twentieth century."