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Preaching from the Minor Prophets
Texts and Sermon Suggestions
POD; Published: 1/28/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4370-8
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155 Pages
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Despite the authority and theological richness of the twelve books of the Minor Prophets, these Old Testament writings are perennially neglected by the church and the pulpit. This volume was written to provide clergy with the tools to once again preach from these important texts with confidence and relevancy.

For each of the twelve Minor Prophets, Elizabeth Achtemeier provides a wealth of information useful for preparing a sermon: recommended commentaries, historical context, theological context, and sections dealing with selected texts. These sections include (1) a brief treatment of linguistic and rhetorical features to note, (2) suggested sermon titles designed to arouse the interest of a congregation, and (3) homiletical exposition intended to stimulate preachers as they develop their sermons.

An excellent guide to the books of the Minor Prophets, this volume is unique for its theological depth, presented in clear and simple language for clergy and laity alike.
"Achtemeier places a very high premium on faithfulness to the text. Her strong biblical convictions as well as her thorough scholarship make these very helpful volumes for any preacher's library."
Princeton Seminary Bulletin
"Though slim and economical, one ought to regard this latest volume as a reference tool. No mere one-time read, this book will be referred to again and again as one works from the minor prophets for preaching or teaching in the church. . . This book is well worth the price."