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The Thessalonians Debate
Methodological Discord or Methodological Synthesis?
POD; Published: 4/19/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4374-6
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400 Pages
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The renewed interest in 1 Thessalonians over the past two decades has been extraordinary. While exegetical labors have been immense, little consensus has been reached with regard to the purpose and intention of this, Paul's first letter and the earliest extant Christian document. This new volume is meant to introduce readers to the scope and nature of the current debate on 1 Thessalonians. Written by several of today's top scholars of 1 Thessalonians, these important essays explore the difficult exegetical challenges that 1 Thessalonians presents to contemporary readers and illustrate the diverse methodological approaches presently being used to interpret this important New Testament letter.

Joh annes Beutler
Raymond F. Collins
Karl P. Donfried
Traugott Holtz
Rudolf Hoppe
Frank W. Hughes
Edgar Krentz
Jan Lambrecht
Otto Merk
Johannes Schoon- Janßen
Johan S. Vos
Charles A. Wanamaker
Jeffrey A. D. Weima
Robert Jewett
— Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
"A constructive dialogue on 1 Thessalonians. These ecumenical contributions push forward the quest to understand Paul's earliest letter."
The Bible Today
"The thoughtful essays and rich bibliography of this volume will make it a resource for scholarly work on this first of Paul's letter."
Theology (UK)
"Although there is no final consensus, the lively debate is very instructive; for students new to the field and for experienced scholars the book provides an introduction to the current debate about the methods of epistolary and rhetorical analysis and the problems associated with the study of Paul's purpose for writing the epistle."