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PAPERBACK; Published: 10/30/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4463-7
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Books on the historical Jesus abound in both the scholarly market and the popular press. Few of these recent studies, however, draw on the entire witness of Scripture and tradition when engaging the contemporary debate over the meaning and significance of Jesus of Nazareth.

Bringing together both the pursuit of the historical Jesus and the systematic exposition of the Christ of faith, Hans Schwarz here presents a solid historical and biblical introduction to Christology that demonstrates the relevance of Jesus for today. After surveying the history of New Testament scholarship and exploring the biblical testimony itself, Schwarz restates important Christological themes in ways that connect them with present-day concerns. Schwarz includes in his discussion his own proposal for constructing a Christology "from below" that also takes seriously the resurrection.

Clear and well organized, this volume is an excellent resource for discussing Christological themes within the context of today's historically oriented academy.

Concordia Theological Quarterly
"Perhaps [Schwarz's] most valuable contribution to modern scholarship is a willingness to engage seriously the biblical witness of the historical Christ. . . In an age when the starting point for much of biblical scholarship seems to be a healthy dose of textual skepticism, it is refreshing to hear someone who is at least willing to shape his scholarship around an appreciation for the sacredness of the text of Scripture."
Expository Times
"A tour de force, a mine of referenced information, and at points a much needed and nuanced corrective to popular conventional readings of key theologians."
Church Times (U.K.)
"[A] useful and sensible book, which will tell you most of what everybody needs to know who wants to start thinking intelligently about Jesus Christ."
The Princeton Seminary Bulletin
"Provides an excellent overview of key historical and contemporary issues in christological research; it is consistently fair and accurate even as it drives at what lies at the heart of each topic and issue. It serves as a reliable and comprehensive guide to the literature that neither condescends to the specialist nor excludes the nonspecialist. It should be of interest to the educated lay person and, in my view, required for Christology courses in seminaries, colleges, and universities throughout the country."

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