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A Passion for God's Reign
Theology, Christian Learning, and the Christian Self
POD; Published: 3/13/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4494-1
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120 Pages
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In the challenging dialogue of this book, three of today's most respected Christian thinkers explore the role of theology, the task of Christian learning, and the meaning of the self in our contemporary Western society. Jürgen Moltmann builds a case for the "public" nature of Christian theology and explores how expressions of faith from both the church and the academy relate to significant aspects of modernity. Responses by Nicholas Wolsterstorff and Ellen T. Charry provide a provocative engagement with Moltmann's views.
Francis Sch�ssler Fiorenza
—Harvard Divinity School
"A fascinating analysis of Christian theology as it takes on the task of a public theology and confronts modernity and its crises. Moltmann breaks new ground, beyond his previous writings, in his carefully crafted explorations of the relation between history and nature and between the human self and society. The responses by Wolterstorff and Charry are significant contributions in their own right. This volume is highly recommended, and its diversity of viewpoints makes it an outstanding text for discussion groups and classes."
Robert C. Roberts
—Wheaton College
"How does Christian discourse fit in the curriculum of the secular university? Has Christianity resources for restoring modern humanity to personhood? In a fascinating and light-shedding dialogue, Moltmann and two distinguished critics present sharply contrasting answers to these questions. Seldom does one find so much to chew on in 112 pages."