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According to the Scriptures
The Origins of the Gospel and of the Church's Old Testament
POD; Published: 10/27/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4535-1
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158 Pages
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"While insisting that the Old Testament is irreplaceable in Christian faith, [van Buren] also shows how Jews and Christians today may read the same biblical texts in different ways and still respect each other's readings. Van Buren's 'testament' should be of great interest for biblical scholars, systematic theologians and all those concerned with Christian-Jewish dialogue."
Religious Studies Review
"The book gives a subtle and persuasive description of the relation between the OT and the NT, both in their origins and in contemporary life, showing that their interplay is dynamic and ongoing. This is a thoughtful, humble book, especially in its honesty about Christian anti-Semitism. It should be a real contribution to Christians' faith and to Jewish-Christian relations."
The Bible Today
"Reflecting a growing trend in Christian theology, van Buren stresses the intimate relationship of Jesus and early Christianity to Judaism. . . Van Buren's grappling with this issue and his rich examples make this very rewarding reading."
Currents in Theology & Mission
"An insightful study of the role of the Old Testament in the rise of Christianity. . . Clearly written in limpid prose, this book is a useful springboard for a discussion of the role of the Old Testament in today's church."