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An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts
POD; Published: 7/15/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4557-3
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228 Pages
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In this book Charles Puskas and David Crump provide a solid, student-friendly introduction to the four Gospels and the book of Acts. Leading students through the texts, highlighting the various literary devices and themes, and pointing out the historical and cultural contexts, An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts is a fruitful collaboration between a mainline scholar (Puskas) and a more evangelical scholar (Crump), who clearly articulate their own opinions while charitably engaging a wide spectrum of scholarship.

The coverage of the Gospels and Acts throughout is clear, comprehensive, and well documented. Maps, charts, outlines, and tables round out the wealth of information offered here. Evenhanded and nonpolemical, this text will be valuable both for students with a previous foundation of biblical study and for those with little or no Bible background.

Kelly Iverson
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"Puskas and Crump do a fine job of balancing various scholarly opinions, striking a charitable tone that reflects the authors' different theological perspectives (mainline and evangelical), without offering quick solutions or unnecessary judgments."
Charles W. Hedrick
— Missouri State University
"This well-written book admirably summarizes the contemporary results of the scientific study of the Gospels and Acts in language accessible to the general reader. Puskas and Crump handle the complex and often pedantic scholarly debates in a lucid and nonpolemical way. Their documentation covers all sides of the discussion of critical issues. Deftly facing the challenges to a discriminating study of the Gospels, they deal with the problems in a fair-minded manner, providing readers with the scholarly information necessary to make their own decisions."
Robert Van Voorst
— Western Theological Seminary
"An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts is a current, concise, and clear introduction to the historical study of the Gospels and Acts. It is an excellent resource for New Testament introduction courses in colleges and seminaries, particularly because many students today find the historical dimensions of Gospel study so challenging. Students with no previous foundation in academic biblical study — most North American students today! — will find this book especially valuable."
Review of Biblical Literature
". . . this volume is a valuable tool for the undergraduate classroom or independent study. It does not summarize the biblical texts and so replace reading them. Its clarity of style and big picture' approach to the Gospels and Acts serve genuinely to introduce students to what is hoped will be their own satisfying study."
Juan José Alfaro
"This book will be useful for those who know little about the Holy Scriptures and those who are experts on the Scriptures. . . The authors have a deep knowledge of the themes developed, and they have presented a simple and accessible version of them. This is an interesting book that can be a very useful tool in biblical studies."
Brandon D. Crowe
— School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh
"The authors' stated aim is to fill a gap in current literature by providing a concise, single-volume introduction for students, pastors, and teachers that covers both the Gospels and Acts. . . This concise and affordable introduction succeeds handsomely in what it sets out to accomplish."
William Turns
Trinity Seminary Review
"Puskas and Crump have produced a concise book, packed with information, introducing the Gospels and Acts in a non-technical fashion that, as intended, appeals to a broad audience. Regardless of what position on the Gospels and Acts each reader may hold, each will be challenged by this book's objective, thought-provoking presentation."
Les Hardin
— Florida Christian College
"The current volume will serve well as a course text on the Gospels and Acts for entry-level seminary studies, and a complementary viewpoint for those in more conservative settings. Puskas and Crump do provide a formidable defense for their overall positions, and any serious student of the NT will benefit from the presentation they provide. At every turn the ideas presented here are supported with credible argumentation and supporting historical and literary evidence. Even long-standing students of the Gospels and Acts will find the ideas presented here challenging and informative."