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Built upon the Rock
Studies in the Gospel of Matthew
PAPERBACK; Published: 2/2/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4563-4
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347 Pages
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This collection of essays from the 2005 Tyndale Fellowship conference covers topics pertinent to the entire first Gospel, including Matthew's sources, the role of Jerusalem, the problem of anti-Semitism, Matthew's portrayal of salvation history, and more. Reflections by seasoned veterans -- Donald Hagner, R. T. France, David Wenham, and others -- are featured, complemented by the contributions of a number of scholars lesser known to the English-speaking world. Together these essays provide a valuable entry in the field by an international team of evangelical scholars addressing critical questions in Matthean s t u d i es.


Armin D. Baum
Stephanie L. Black
Jeannine K. Brown
Roland Deines
Mervyn Eloff
R. T. France
Daniel M. Gurtner
Donald A. Hagner
James M. Hamilton Jr.
David Instone-Brewer
John Nolland
David Wenham
F. Dale Bruner
— Whitworth College
"Students of Matthew's Gospel will revel in this ‘playground' of studies read at the 2005 Tyndale Fellowship Conference — from highly respected Matthew commentators (France, Hagner, Nolland, and Wenham) to fresh new twenty-first-century scientists of the Opening Gospel (Baum, Black, Brown, Deines, Eloff, Gurtner, Hamilton, and Instone-Brewer). The ground covered is deep and wide, from the rabbinical and grammatical background and underground of the Gospel to the looming foreground of Matthew's views on such central issues as Law, Messiah, Jerusalem, Temple, Church, and ‘Hearing.' The relations of Paul to Matthew and of Matthew to the Old Testament receive special attention, along with the always-vexing question of anti-Semitism. Reflections by two seasoned scholars on writing their Matthew commentaries crown the volume. Enjoy!"
Craig S. Keener
— Palmer Seminary, Eastern University
"Matthean scholars will want to engage the various voices in this volume. Several offer fresh extrinsic approaches, including concrete analogies with other ancient Jewish sources. Others engage earlier debates on exegetical cruxes, address intertextuality with the Hebrew Bible, and especially advance cases relevant to current discussions on Matthew's relationship with contemporary Judaism."
Review of Biblical Literature
"The great essays in this volume make it a valuable purchase for anyone working on Matthew or the Synoptic Gospels."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"This rich collection offers fresh stimulating viewpoints by situating the text within diverse contexts using differing methodologies."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"This book is a well-produced, uneven collection by masters young and old, in which younger scholars present their latest research in a compact manner. It is recommended to anyone interested in going beyond the basics in Matthean study."