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Paths Not Taken
Fates of Theology from Luther through Leibniz
PAPERBACK; Published: 8/13/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4571-9
400 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 X 9
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In this book Paul Hinlicky suggests that -- to the detriment of the church as a whole -- Martin Luther's legacy did not unfold as he himself would have hoped or expected. Paths Not Taken analyzes the unhappy fate of theology in the tradition of Luther through the pivotal early modern theological philosopher Gottfried Leibniz. Through this lens Hinlicky shows how the twofold intention of reforming the Church according to the gospel and providing a Christian philosophy of culture for a renewed Christendom diverged along the way.

In his conclusion Hinlicky considers three outstanding contemporary representatives of theology in Luther's tradition -- Pannenberg, Jungel, and Jenson -- and settles on a path to be taken by Lutheran theology after Christendom and after modernity.
Christine Helmer
Northwestern University
"Hinlicky offers a powerful critique of major trends in modern theology, courageously addressing the questions most pertinent to theology's dilemmas in modernity and exploring the history of how theology came to this pass. Paths Not Taken challenges theologians and philosophers of all persuasions to wrestle with the recovery of theology's task and subject matter for today."
Michael Shahan
Book Review Editor, Journal of Lutheran Ethics
"A compressed encyclopedic survey of philosophical and theological thought, this volume is truly groundbreaking in its development of philosophical themes. If there is any justice and sanity left on earth, this book will be required reading in theology and philosophy courses for a long time to come."