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The Triune Creator
A Historical and Systematic Study
POD; Published: 10/13/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4575-7
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256 Pages
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This title covers the content and implications of the Christian Doctrine of Creation, largely in conversation with its history. The opening chapters discuss the origins of the doctrine in the Bible and early theology, bringing out the implications of the main teaching for the modern content. Later chapters engage with the relation between the doctrine and the emergence of modern science. The final chapters center on related dogmatic themes such as providence and the ethics of creation.
Religious Studies Review
"Gunton's constructive genius comes to the fore in the latter chapters, as he details the systematic context for themes that have appeared in his previous work: providence; the human as creature made in the image of God; and the role of that creature in the created world. This title should be on the bookshelf of graduate students in theology and specialists in the doctrine of God."
"Gunton's work raises important concerns regarding the doctrine of creation and does so in a useful way. His key concerns, namely ontological homogeneity, the independence of creation, and trinitarian mediation need to be taken seriously. This study is also important because Gunton conducts his conversation with the tradition on behalf of a world dominated by scientific reasoning. He highlights events in the development of the doctrine of creation that are of import for a post-Enlightenment world."
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation)
"The book is facile in its historical theology approach to a key Christian doctrine and adept at bridging a variety of fields of human endeavor. . . We shall await with eagerness Gunton's next major contribution to this formidable and important research agenda."
Theological Studies
"This is a lucid, comprehensive, and learned book, and the reader will find it filled with wisdom. Gunton is right to remind theologians of the trinitarian—and thus uniquely Christian—foundation of the theology of creation and indeed of all theology. His discussions on religion and science, providence, the image of God, and ecology are all greatly enriching."
Theology (U.K.)
"A world that is genuinely other than God while yet remaining in relation with him: this is the focus of Colin Gunton's authoritative study of the Christian doctrine of creation and the creator. . . Gunton's powerful study follows the development of the Western Christian tradition, highlighting those points at which advances in distinctiveness were made and discussing the issues these raised, issues such as the mediation of Christ in creation, the meaning of providence or the danger of pantheism. . . Gunton provides a robust doctrinal framework for engagement with the 'big picture', the future of the universe, and for the direction of loving attention to the 'minute particulars' of the material world to which Christians belong."