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Saint Paul Returns to the Movies
Triumph over Shame
POD; Published: 11/18/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4585-6
Price: $ 25.99
231 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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"An excellent resource on the relationship between contemporary film and biblical texts."
"One does not expect much from sequels, but Jewett, (Saint Paul at the Movies) triumphs in his return to a dialogue of Pauline faith with popular American culture. . . Jewett's volume remarkably allows the evocative images and sensations of films like Groundhog Day and Babe to engage the imagination in a theological conversation regarding themes like shame, honor, and grace. . . Jewett's essays are indeed fresh and insightful homilies that take movies out of their darkened secular cathedrals of theaters and back into the religious imagination."
"The exploration of biblical and theological themes in movies is usually not best done by starting with particular books and passages of scripture. This book is, however, an exception to that rule because of its consistent focus on a fresh way of reading Paul. It will be helpful to biblical exegete and moviegoer alike."
Publishers Weekly
"Scrupulously avoids entangling the reader in critical jargon as he fashions a lively dialogue between the Bible and contemporary film."
The Cresset
"The chapters in the Jewett book, though all neatly tied to the theological theme, can be read and used individually. . . Certainly, each could . . . be the subject of a Bible class, or if it was practical to show a film during a service, even a homily. . . To anyone interested in the intersection between theology or culture . . . [this book is] well worth the time."
Currents in Theology and Mission
"Jewett's study is a very interesting, even fascinating, interplay between themes in the letters of Paul and significant movies of our time. . . Jewett is a fine companion for the movies. Given his knowledge of Pauline theology and his cinematic research, the reader will learn much. Besides personal enjoyment, possibilities for homiletical and educational illustrations are bountiful."