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Remembering the Faith
What Christians Believe
POD; Published: 6/18/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4621-1
Price: $ 19.50
189 Pages
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"Brouwer makes basic orthodox theology understandable and interesting. These necessary components for each Christian's 'faith content' are well-written and go down easily."
Christianity Today
"Brouwer, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, Illinois, organizes the book thematically, with chapters on 'Where We Find God,' 'Who Jesus Is,' 'Three Persons, One God,' and 'Last Things,' among other topics. His careful and gentle reasoning and pastoral tone (he understands those who doubt and wonder) makes the book a pleasurable and informative read--and another useful book for group study."
Church Libraries
"This excellent book provides an introductory outline of what Christians have always believed. . . While the author, a Presbyterian pastor, is firmly rooted in the Reformed tradition, readers from other Christian traditions will find his treatment helpful, insightful, informed, and refreshing. It is written in an easy-to-read, well-illustrated style; and the author, to his credit, reflects his pastoral contextualization for theology. Highly recommended for church libraries."
"This book is clear, readable, accessible, and engaging. Its origins in the pastoral ministry of the church are obvious and welcome. . . Church members and prospective members could benefit from its conversational presentation of the content of the Christian faith. Well-educated pastors...could learn a lot here about the presentation of the faith and about being a pastor. This dual appeal of the book would make it a good choice for an adult study group being led by a pastor."
Lutheran Libraries
"People who write theology face a difficult task. And writing a book which explores the basic theology of the Christian church in terms readily understood by anyone who is literate is an even more daunting task. Pastor Brouwer has accomplished this in a truly remarkable fashion. . . In a time when more and more people are coming to the church and asking what we believe, here is a beautiful response that doesn't pretend to have all the answers and isn't afraid to acknowledge where our knowledge is incomplete. Recommended."