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On Pilgrimage
POD; Published: 8/13/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4629-7
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272 Pages
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"This 1948 book is full of high-grade ore and some unforgettable passages that demonstrate not only Day's gripping reportage but her luminous humanity and spirit. . . . We cannot but learn from her many pilgrimages, and this 1948 collection, circumscribed and limited though it may be, reveals something essential and timelessly challenging about her."
Expository Times
"Dorothy Day, a putative twentieth-century saint of American Catholics, founder of the Catholic Worker movement, has bequeathed to posterity diary entries for 1948. Accompanied as they are by an introductory setting-of-the-scene chapter, they constitute a searing critique of facets of modern western society and culture, allied to a relentless hopeful resolve that refused to be daunted, and a love of the church triumphantly surviving clear-eyed recognition of its warts. Here is a rebuke to complacency, completely devoid of sentimentality, and a challenge to action."
New Oxford Review
"Happily, Eerdmans has brought Dorothy Day's On Pilgrimage back into print. If you are only going to read one book by Dorothy Day, read this one. It is likely the best introduction available to her ideas and character."
Publishers Weekly
"This collection . . . offers an intimate glimpse into Day's life and work. . . Whether she's writing about a visit to her daughter's farm or her work with the poor, Day locates the gift of God's love in every moment."