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The Challenge of Jesus' Parables
POD; Published: 3/3/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4638-9
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336 Pages
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A fresh look at the meaning of Jesus' parables for Christian living today. The parables recorded in the Gospels are central for an understanding of Jesus and his ministry. Yet the parables are more than simple stories; they present a number of obstacles to contemporary readers hoping to fully grasp their meaning. In this volume, thirteen New Testament scholars provide the background necessary to understand the original context and meaning of Jesus' parables as well as their modern applications, all in a manner easily accessible to general readers.

Contributors: Stephen C. Barton Craig A. Evans Richard T. France Donald A. Hagner Morna D. Hooker Sylvia C. Keesmaat Michael P. Knowles Walter L. Liefeld Richard N. Longenecker Allan W. Martens Klyne R. Snodgrass Robert H. Stein Stephen I. Wright

The Expository Times
"Clearly written, stimulating and challenging. The volume as a whole is to be strongly recommended and gives new insights into these fascinating stories. . . A welcome addition to the recent literature on the parables."