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Confident Witness - Changing World
Rediscovering the Gospel in North America
POD; Published: 4/15/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4655-6
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330 Pages
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International Bulletin of Missionary Research
"This is a bold book. The challenge to risk is first taken up by the writers, who model for us ways to begin revising outworn attitudes. Rethinking discipleship as radical love in a society that dismisses Christianity and reworking theological constructs in the light of the 'manifold nature of experience' are not easy tasks. Other voices need to be heard—and will be—as this book enables educators, pastors, and congregations to rediscover the Gospel in our changing world and respond with confident witness."
Library Journal
"With some care, 21 scholars and religious leaders negotiate the modern meaning of the scriptural obligation of mission for North America. Their replies to this complex question make for a fascinating cross-section of mainline Protestantism's view of itself and of contemporary culture: film, post-modernism, poverty, and the growing strength of Asian American Christianity. Recommended for all collections strong in the study of religion and for church study groups."
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"A collection of deeply thoughtful yet highly accessible essays. . . Those ministering within a North American context ignore the issues raised—and the answers suggested—by the book's contributors, only at their own peril."