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Revelation and the End of All Things
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/2/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4660-0
Price: $ 21.00
223 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9

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Revelation and the End of All Things is a highly readable guide to Revelation that engages the questions people most often ask about this difficult book in the Bible. Craig Koester ably takes readers through the entire book of Revelation, drawing on the best of recent scholarship while also giving attention to questions arising from events like the siege at Waco, the phenomenal sales of books in the Left Behind series, and the use of Revelation in hymnody and art.

While many of the questions that people ask about Revelation are sparked by sensationalistic interpretations of the book, these questions also point to major issues concerning our understanding of God and the future, death and life, judgment and hope. Rather than simply dismissing popular interpretations of Revelation, Koester first considers how these approaches work and why they are problematic. The rest of the book looks carefully at each section of Revelation, keeping the situations of first-century and twenty-first-century readers in mind. Koester's exceptional grasp of Revelation's history, text, and purpose allows him to present the message of Revelation in a way that is clear, engaging, and meaningful to modern readers.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"Koester supplies excellent food for thought. . . [He] is particularly strong on connecting the book's language and imagery to Old Testament predecessors. Revelation and the End of All Things is a thoughtful and perceptive look at a difficult topic."
The Bible Today
"Anyone looking for a good, interesting, and nontechnical study of the book of Revelation will want to consider this fine work. Koester begins by tracing the remarkable history of interpretation of this haunting New Testament book. . . He then turns to his own reading of the text which is rich and insightful and filled with good Christian sense. This would make a fine background text for parish Bible study groups and their leaders."
M. Eugene Boring
"Craig Koester communicates current scholarship on Revelation with clarity, passion, and concern that the message of the Bible be understood and appropriated in today's world. Not merely an antidote or alternative to Left Behind and 'Jesus is coming soon' commercialism, Revelation and the End of All Things is a substantial contribution to good literature on Revelation in its own right. "
Review & Expositor
"A popular and easy to read work on Revelation. . . For laity and those in the churches who are seeking alternatives to the unsound and popular views of Revelation, Koester's book is a good recommendation."
Adela Yarbro Collins
"This book offers an innovative introduction to Revelation, drawing on the history of interpretation, art, and music as well as on sound literary and historical analysis. It will help readers understand a wide variety of current approaches to Revelation by explaining briefly their origins and intentions. Highly recommended for ministry students, church study groups, and general readers. "
Francis J. Moloney, SDB
"Koester has written a book of singular significance for the contemporary Christian community. The puzzle of Revelation is normally resolved by ignoring its original setting or by rendering it irrelevant to the Christian Bible through an intense focus on that setting. Koester shows that the horizons of the Christian past, present, and future merge in John's remarkable 'revelation.' I cannot recommend this book highly enough to all Christians."
CBA Marketplace
"Koester presents his case exceptionally well. He writes clearly and continually draws readers back to his understanding of Revelation's main theme. His arguments are well-reasoned, and he balances the text's application to John's day and today. Also helpful is his overview of how Revelation has been interpreted through church history."