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One Bible, Many Voices
Different Approaches to Biblical Studies
POD; Published: 4/16/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4661-7
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300 Pages
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Southwestern Journal of Theology
"Susan E. Gillingham has written a useful and valuable resource for students seeking a better understanding of how to interpret the Bible."
Religious Studies Review
"In engaging and practical terms Gillingham discusses historical, literary, and theological approaches to the Bible. She also has extensive discussions on text and canon. Her crowning chapter is a synthetic one entitled 'From Theory to Practice,' where she pulls together all of these interpretative strands into a lucid reading of Psalm 8. This is one of the first and best introductions to biblical interpretation that treats the postmodern situation of biblical studies seriously and constructively. It will make an excellent textbook in courses on exegesis and interpretation and for use in ecclesiastical study groups."