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Sin, Death, and the Devil
POD; Published: 1/20/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4695-2
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144 Pages
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Sin, death, and the devil, called the "unholy trinity" by Martin Luther, are the classic biblical tyrants, portrayed in Scripture as the enemies of God and the oppressors of humanity. This engaging book, which takes its cue from John Paul II's description of Western society as a "culture of death," unveils the many faces of sin, death, and the devil manifest in today's world. Eight recognized Christian thinkers show that while the forms taken by these diabolical forces may have changed under the conditions of modern life, the underlying realities remain the same. Thus politics can become demonic, power can promote death, and sin can be disguised as virtue. Far from being pessimistic, however, the authors affirm God's victory over these enslaving powers through the proclamation of the gospel and the sacraments of the church.

Contributors:< br>Gary A. Anderson
Carl E. Braaten
Vigen Guroian
Stanley Hauerwas
Robert W. Jenson
Gilbert Meilaender
Richard John Neuhaus
A. N. Williams
The Expository Times
"The importance of the works consists in the deep seriousness with which the writers address the issues. . . There is nothing here of the easy contemporary talk of spiritual warfare, which is often so trivial, both with regard to sin and the work of God in Christ. . . This is a book for careful study. It offers a fascinating text for any ecumenical theological study groups of preachers, liturgists, or pastors."
Colin E. Gunton
"The best theological treatments of evil — those that take it with due seriousness — are those that see it in the light of its overcoming through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Containing some profound and brilliant papers, this book more than fulfills that requirement. The authors present church and public alike with the seriousness of the human condition and open up questions that have been scandalously evaded in recent theology. We are profoundly indebted to the editors for commissioning yet another series of papers that both expose the sickness of our late modern world and point us to the source of its healing."
First Things
"Solid theology winsomely presented."