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Quality with Soul, How Six Premier Colleges and Universities Keep Faith with Their Religious Traditions
POD; Published: 3/15/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4704-1
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229 Pages
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This book demonstrates that, despite much evidence to the contrary, there are still Christian colleges and universities of high academic quality that have also kept their religious heritages publicly relevant. Respected scholar Robert Benne explores how six schools from six different religious traditions (Calvin College, Wheaton College, St. Olaf College, Valparaiso University, Baylor University, and the University of Notre Dame) have maintained "quality with soul." These constructive case studies examine the vision, ethos, and personnel policies of each school, showing how--and why--its religious foundation remains strong.
Jounal of Church and State

Robert Benne has written a hopeful book that will be of interest to anyone — either in the church or in the academy — concerned about the future of America's Christian colleges and universities. Building on the work of those who have identified the problems, Benne encourages his readers to explore solutions and provides several strategies of his own for beginning (or restarting) the conversation about faith and learning on campus.

The six schools featured in this book together represent proof positive that it is indeed possible to combine a vital intellect with a vital Christian faith, quality with soul. As such, Benne's work represents a rallying call for all who seek to do the same in their own colleges, universities, or denominations.

Richard T. Hughes
"I am thrilled with this volume. After a spate of books and articles exploring the secularization process in church-related higher education, here at last is a book that offers both hope for the future and a constructive program for institutions wishing to combine 'quality with soul.' Intellectually rigorous and theologically grounded in the Christian account of reality, this book will be used again and again in faculty seminars on faith and learning at Pepperdine University."
Richard John Neuhaus
"In a wicked twist of irony, it turns out today that 'pluralism' too often means homogenization. Certainly that is the case with many church-related colleges and universities that have, either deliberately or willy-nilly, turned against their sponsoring traditions. Robert Benne's achievement consists of providing arguments and case studies that point toward a better, more vibrantly pluralistic way."
Library Journal
"Here the well-known professor of religion laments the secularization of many fine colleges and universities with religious origins. . . Highly recommended for its thorough research and thoughtful presentation."
Mark A. Noll
"Robert Benne is a clear-eyed, perceptive, and theologically astute observer of contemporary Christian higher education. Quality with Soul benefits from other recent studies of this topic, but it also goes beyond them with its full-orbed, multidimensional assessment of six important Christian colleges in six different Christian traditions. This book should spark as much fruitful discussion outside those six traditions as within them. It is a very fine effort."