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The Fingerprints of God
Tracking the Divine Suspect through a History of Images
POD; Published: 6/26/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4768-3
Price: $ 19.50
180 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Provident Book Finder
"Be prepared for a jolt or two as you read this book. Author Robert Farrar Capon is on a warpath against abuses of theology, beginning with the Medieval age. . . Capon is a master of the use of imagery and symbolism. It takes an agile mind to keep track of the many metaphors he uses, often humorously, to guide the reader through his thinking. This would be a good book for a serious study group."
Spirit & Life
"In a brilliant exposition of the mystery of redemption, Robert Capon startles us into new perspectives with his whimsical imagery. Showing how our images can either lead us astray or jolt us into a new way of understanding divine truth, he is particularly convincing in his perception of the Eucharist. . . As we live with ‘the mess and the mystery' of our human situation, we can find the fingerprints of God everywhere if we take the trouble to look for them."
Library Journal
"Episcopal priest and author Capon here offers a highly engaging yet learned approach to the understanding of God. Not many could try to address the significance of God as the ‘hidden hand' of history by mixing the insights of baseball with reflections on Irenaeus and Anselm, but Capon does so with gusto. . . Highly recommended."