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Nature, God & Pulpit
POD; Published: 11/6/1992
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4785-0
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220 Pages
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A book whose time has come, Nature, God, and Pulpit draws together and interprets, for the church and especially for preachers, the biblical materials on the relationship between God and his creation. The book is particularly timely because, as Elizabeth Achtemeier points out, few subjects have been more neglected and less explicated by this country's pulpits than the relation between nature and God.

Clearly articulating what the Bible says about the material world and God's relation to it, this book is all of the following:
*A thoughtful biblical response to recent discussions of ecology
*A discerning corrective to many current theologies and ideologies
*An appreciative summary of the findings and notions of modern science
*A mother lode of materials and sample sermons on the relation of God to his creation
*A passionate call for preachers to more thoroughly examine and articulate scriptural content
*An eloquent and inspiring celebration of God in relation to his world

While written primarily for preachers, Nature, God, and Pulpit will provide provocative reading for many others as well — seminarians, homiletics students, teachers, and anybody who wishes to better understand the Christian view of the bond between Creator and creation.
William J. Carl III
—author of Preaching Christian Doctrine
"Elizabeth Achtemeier offers in this thoroughly researched and cogently written work a telling homiletical corrective to contemporary preaching's penchant for avoiding conversation about the relationship between God and the natural world. With both polemics and apologetics, Achtemeier exposes pantheistic and New Age heresies. Here critique and solution are presented biblically, theologically, and practically with specific advice to the modern preacher on how science, nature, and the gospel can be held together in creative tension in the modern pulpit. Without question I consider this book to be a landmark study on this subject."
Stanley A. Nelson
—Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
"Achtemeier writes with both a flair and a passion. She moves sure-footedly through Old and New Testament materials in shaping and sharing a comprehensive understanding of creation. . . . Offering solid biblical exegesis, scientific awareness, and reflective meditation, she enables a contemporary person to perceive creation as theocentric. One learns, participates, and worships in the reading of this insightful material."