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Making a Christian Difference through Bioethics Today
POD; Published: 8/8/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4793-5
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282 Pages
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Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy
"This book offers a particular Christian vision on many of the familiar questions of health care ethics. It will be a useful resource for evangelical Christians and for those who want to know more about this particular worldview."
Scott B. Rae
"Bioethics increasingly functions in an overtly postmodern context in which the connections between faith, law, and public policy are more complicated. This volume provides some very helpful material for clarifying the Christian task in engaging a secular bioethics community and the place of faith-based positions and reasons in that setting. It is a welcome resource."
Gilbert Meilaender
"At a time when the church can expect relatively little help from the culture to shape lives in Christian ways, we need to think carefully about how faith engages our culture — and nowhere more so than in the area of bioethics, where the very meaning of our humanity often seems at stake. BioEngagement opens up fruitful lines of inquiry for such reflection by all who work in medicine, law, and education."
Journal of Christian Nursing
"BioEngagement is valuable for all nurses serious about learning to bring Christian faith to our profession. It provides content for stimulating discussions among nurses and their health care colleagues. Those who teach ethics in college and clinical settings will benefit from the excellent background in a chapter on professional ethics. . . I recommend using this book to enhance Christian professional growth, discussion among colleagues, and influence in our culture."
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
"As a current broad approach to ethical issues in the medical professions, this is an excellent contribution."