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Divine Election
POD; Published: 3/16/1960
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4813-0
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The Reformed Theological Review, Melbourne
"Next to Barth's Church Dogmatics, the series of nineteen studies in course of preparation by the Amsterdam theologian constitutes the most extensive dogmatical project of today."
E. T. Ramsdell
—Professor of Systematic Theology, Garrett Biblical Institute
"The importance of Professor Berkouwer's projected 'Studies in Dogmatics' becomes clearer with the publication of each new volume. The project as a whole represents one of the most ambitious undertakings in contemporary theology. Its scope approaches the magnitude of the work of Barth and Brunner in Europe and of Ferre in America. It unquestionably marks the author as one of the genuinely significant leaders in Christian thought in our day."
Dr. Dale Moody
—Professor of Systematic Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"The translation of G. C. Berkouwer's Studies in Dogmatics is more than just another theology on the market. Berkouwer is among the best theological writers of our day, and the theological student who neglects him is not wise. The author shows complete familiarity with all the currents in contemporary theology, and is sure to make a rich contribution to American theology."
D. M. Lloyd-Jones
—Westminster Chapel, London
"Here we have the classic Reformed theology considered in a manner which is right up to date. Professor Berkouwer has always been known as a virile and stimulating theologian. He is one, moreover, who is able to do this in a modern manner and a popular style."
Dr. Carl F. H. Henry
—Editor, Christianity Today
"Dr. Berkouwer's vigorous volumes on dogmatics not only deserve to be read on both sides of the Atlantic, but the present tensions in theology make the reading of these works an imperative."