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Churchly Joy
Orthodox Devotions for the Church Year

POD; Published: 3/18/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4834-5
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163 Pages
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Translated by Boris Jakim

&l dquo;There are two worlds for the Christian and two lives in them: one of these lives belongs to this world of sorrow and suffering, while the other is lived in a hidden manner in the Kingdom of God, in the joyful city of heaven. All of the events, both of the Gospel and of the Church, which are celebrated at different times of the Church Year are not only remembered but are also accomplished in us, insofar as our souls touch this heavenly world. These events become for us a higher reality, a source of unceasing celebration, of perfect joy.”
-- Sergius Bulgakov (from preface)

This distinctive book contains spiritual orations and edifying discourses rooted in the Orthodox tradition. In Churchly Joy Sergius Bulgakov takes readers through the joyous mysteries of the church year as reflected in the Orthodox Church's major feasts, including celebrations of the Annunciation, the Birth of Christ, the Epiphany, the Transfiguration, the Triumphal Entry, Easter, and more. Churchly Joy reflects Bulgakov's transcendent vision for the church and will provide spiritual growth and edification for all Christians.

Vigen Guroian
— author of The Fragrance of God
"These magnificent homilies are not just richly scriptural. The poetry of Orthodox hymnody runs through them, and they are companionate with the great festal iconography of the Church. We are fortunate that Sergius Bulgakov distilled the profound theological insights of his great works into these illuminating orations that will inspire Christians in all walks of life."
Church Times
"This short volume of sermons is both a profound devotional work of great depth and beauty, and also an accessible introduction to the work of a great theologian."
Catholic Library World
"A spending collection of Orthodox teaching. . . . A welcome addition to any Christian library."
Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies
"This book will be valuable not only to Bulgakov scholars but also to anybody seeking to understand the spirit of Christianity."
Canadian Slavonic Papers
"Recommended for those interested in Bulgakov, in Orthodoxy, and in the liturgical dimensions of Russian culture."
Irish Theological Quarterly
"If you are looking for the beginner's guide to Bulgakov, there is no better place to start than this book."
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
"This volume is a wonderful resource for lectio divina, and it would also be excellent for an adult study group."