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Back to Darwin
A Richer Account of Evolution
POD; Published: 2/2/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4837-6
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448 Pages
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This book provides a distinctive, radical way beyond the quarrels between evolutionary science and Christian belief. Leading scientists, philosophers, and theologians critically discuss the metaphysical assumptions of neo-Darwinism and offer concrete ways of broadening mainstream evolutionary theory. Their open exchange, moderated by veteran process theologian John B. Cobb, presents a holistic case for evolution that both theists and nontheists can a c c e pt.


Francisco J. Ayala
Ian G. Barbour
Charles Birch
Philip Clayton
John B. Cobb Jr.
John Greene
David Ray Griffin
A. Y. Gunter
John F. Haught
Lynn Margulis
Reg Morrison
Dorion Sagan
Jeffrey Schloss
Robert J. Valenza
Howard J. Van Till
Keith Ward
— University of Oxford
"An original and invaluable contribution to the debate on evolution and design, balancing process insights with state-of-the-art scientific contributions."
Niels Henrik Gregersen
— University of Copenhagen
"This is both a primer in current philosophy of evolutionary biology and a new proposal for integrating evolution and religious thinking. Cobb and company listen to the best representatives of neo-Darwinism and analyze the rich tapestry of supplementary theories before they argue for the creative role of biological agency in evolution. A genuinely exciting volume!"
Christian Century
"Offers a solid introduction to both modern evolutionary thought and process theology. . . . Back to Darwin has begun a worthwhile and important project that should be continued and expanded."
Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith
"Back to Darwin is recommended."
Reports of the National Center for Science Education
"This volume will be of interest to anyone concerned to explore alternatives to the science-religion debate. . . . [It] deserves a wide readership."