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Outline of Christian Doctrine
An Evangelical Dogmatics
Wilfried Härle
Translated by Ruth Yule and Nicholas Sagovsky
Edited by Nicholas Sagovsky

POD; Published: 4/13/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4842-0
Price: $ 54.50
643 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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The first English translation of the introduction to Christian doctrine most widely used in Germany

In this book — the most widely used introduction to Christian doctrine in Germany — Wilfried Härle so distills Protestant Christian teaching as to bring fresh insight both to new students and to experienced readers of systematic theology. Outline of Christian Doctrine, however, is not merely a translation of Härle's classic German text: Nicholas Sagovsky has entirely adapted the original work to the needs and resources of English- speaking readers.

Biblically rooted, contextually sensitive, alert to philosophical issues, and relevant with respect to debates about the world as we know it today, Härle's Outline of Christian Doctrine: An Evangelical Dogmatics is an ideal contemporary theology book for both class use and individual study.
John Webster in Theology
"This is a work of seasoned and penetrating theological intelligence, and attentive readers will be given much food for thought."
Religious Studies Review
“Its readability, comprehensiveness, and methodical structure make it an ideal introductory text for students in theologically moderate Lutheran seminaries.”
Christoph Schw�bel
— University of T�bingen
"This English edition of H�rle's Dogmatics, carefully adapted to doing systematic theology in English-speaking contexts, makes the book more widely accessible with all its strengths — commitment to the biblical witnesses, conceptual clarity, and ability to bridge the academy, church, and wider society. . . . Provides an excellent example of what an exposition of Christian doctrine should be in the twenty-first century."
Daniel Jeyaraj
— Liverpool Hope University
"The surpassing clarity of the text, its evangelical and intellectual loyalty to the Bible and trinitarian theology, its adherence to the essence of the gospel, and its honest answers to difficult questions all make this inspiring book indispensable for students of theology and mission studies who seek to understand Christian doctrines in a systematic manner."
Stephen Plant
— University of Cambridge
"A wonderfully clear introduction to Christian theology that will prove as valuable to English-speaking students and teachers as it has been to German speakers. . . . This translation does full justice to the original — a remarkable achievement. English-speaking theology still has a lot to learn from German theologians."