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Theology of Law and Authority in the English Reformation
POD; Published: 1/1/1991
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4850-5
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This work examines the ideas of the English Reformers regarding the origin and nature of law and authority for both church and commonwealth. It places the political and legal thought of the Reformers in the broader context of the Reformation and its theological debates over issues such as the relationship between faith and works, Scripture and tradition. Tracing a theoretical course from William of Ockham and John Wycliff in the 14th century, to the 15th-century jurist Sir John Fortescue, to such great Tudor reformers as Thomas Cranmer and Richard Hooker, O'Donovan's exposition and analysis reveals both the complexity and continuity of English political thought during the Reformation, and demonstrates the intimate connection between theological and practical considerations of law and authority during this era. Written in a graceful, accessible style and illuminated with bibliographical material of both the reformers and their times, Theology of Law and Authority addresses a spectrum of issues from theology and history to law, ethics, and political philosophy.