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The One in the Many
A Contemporary Reconstruction of the God-World Relationship
POD; Published: 9/10/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4892-5
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248 Pages
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Michael H. Barnes
"This book is a neo-Whiteheadian gem, an insightful and exciting development of Whitehead's notion of society, placing intersubjectivity at the core of reality. Like Aquinas using Aristotle, Joseph Bracken continues his project of extending and reinterpreting Whitehead's philosophy to address major theological issues. Bracken reworks the notion of causality to produce a 'metaphysics of universal intersubjectivity,' which he then uses to resolve tough issues about God and the world, the Trinity, body and mind, and subjective immortality. Bracken offers critical but wonderfully clear reflections on the ideas of over twenty other philosophers, including even Derrida and Levinas, showing that many of them are not far from his own position. This is essential reading for philosophical theology today."
Anne Clifford
"One of the world's leading process theologians, Bracken adds to the ongoing conversation about the God-world relationship a carefully crafted metaphysical conception of 'intersubjectivity,' addressed from both vertical and horizontal perspectives. Readers interested in the relationship of science and theology will find Bracken's proposal for a neo-Whiteheadian common ground that attends to supervenience in the mind-brain relationship thought provoking. Helpful summaries at the end of chapters, an appendix proposing a research program for the future, a carefully crafted glossary, and an extensive bibliography make The One in the Many an impressive work. "